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The PHIXMAN franchise industry has done a remarkable job of marketing itself where people are preconceived to believe franchises are proven business models. Second, some franchises have been in business for a long time which naturally leads someone to believe it is a proven business model.

What are you investing in?

The cell phone and mobile device repair industry is growing at an exponential rate and here we the phixers come into play. Phixman is a platform that provides its users to conveniently book the repair for their mobile devices. Phixman Franchise is that component of our company that allows your entrepreneur skills to be employed and utilized. Selecting your franchise partner is an important decision, and our growth is a testament to our brand, business model and franchise partner value-add.

Benefits for you

PHIXMAN franchise will offer you a proven business format with the initial and continuing support that you need. Your business will work under the brand established by our franchisor using the business system they have developed and proven in the marketplace.

It is your business and you are the owner or manager, providing you follow the system, you decide what goes and also the major banks are very supportive of good franchising.

Capital needed to open PHIXMAN franchise?

Before you clinch the deal with the us, we help you evaluate the return on investment you will be getting, how much would be the franchise and royalty fee, what all training and marketing support the franchisor is providing to the new franchisees on board. Also, figure out the type of franchise model they have in the offing for franchisees. Browse our company’s website to know more about the products and services it is offering.

Investment: INR 13-14 Lacs

Assitance you will get

Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, a PHIXMAN franchisee gets a lot of support from the franchisor right out of the gate, offering a better chance for success. A PHIXMAN franchise owner often receives help as:

  • Support & Benefits
  • Product/Service Diversity
  • Operational & Technical Training/Certification
  • Includes free training programs occasionally to learn the business and proven operational methods
  • Preferred Supplier Pricing Programs
  • Online as well as Offline Platform to enhance overall profit
  • Advanced Operational Technology